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Decrease In Output Of Cement Mills

Dear All

Is there any chance that the output of Cement Mill decreases by decrease in litre weight of clinker although there is not much change in the free lime % of clinker.

The litre weight was 1100 & dropped to 1050 g/l .

How can we relate the litre weight of clinker with grindiability of clinker (Any mathematical relation)

Also high litre weight also leads to poor grindiability (why)

Please do reply in detail




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Raju Verma
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TimePosted 12/05/2013 17:47:41

re Decrease In Output Of Cement Mills

Dear Sidhant

Clinker grindability depends upon following factors

1. Size of alite and belite

Generally over burning of clinker leads to higher liter wt. This also lead to coarser size alite and belite which makes clinker more harder

2. Clinker having less alite and higher belite specillay less distributed packed belite leads to harder clinker which may happened due to insufficient liquid content as well as lower clinkering temperature. This case generally kiln is operated under dusty condition and produces low liter wt.

3. Some cases it has has been also experienced that dusty clinker leads to decrease in cement mill throughput.

It is very difficult to co-rellate with clinker liter wt. and cement mill through put but microscopic study of clinker will give better picture about the subject matter.