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TimePosted 09/05/2013 08:42:45
xxxx says

VRM Output

I have an idea for increase in output of a VRM. The VRM table motor is 600KW & consuming 580-590KW. VRM fan motor is 580 kW & consuming 475KW. As can be seen fan motor is having margin , but I do not have margin in fan speed as it is running full. As the fan motor is DC type , so my idea is to increase the fan motor RPM by feild weaking & increase the speed by max. 20% . Please suggest me will it help me to increase my VRM output for the same product size of raw meal. I have margin in separator speed. My VRM input gas 205 deg while the outlet temp. is 105 deg. We have water spray in the dowmcomer duct before PH fan. I do not have margin in PH fan KW otherwise if water spray is reduced , I can increase VRM inlet temp. & further increase output. Please suggest me. Thanks Pradeep


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