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TimePosted 28/05/2013 16:16:44
elwathig says

kiln upset


How to reduce (co )content in kiln inlet?


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Ted Krapkat
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TimePosted 30/05/2013 05:19:09

re kiln upset

Hello Elwathig,

Since too much CO is a symptom of insufficient oxygen for combustion in the kiln, you need to increase draft through the kiln to increase O2 content in the kiln inlet to at least 2-3%.





Raju Verma
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TimePosted 30/05/2013 12:32:20

re kiln upset

dear elwa


1.you have to check following things for reduce CO% at kiln inlet.

1.) check residue of the coal is appropriate or not

2.) check the burner flame condition ( momentum)

3.) 2nd air temp. condition through cooler is ok (>1000- 1100oC)

if all ablove condition is ok 

check the margine in your main process fan if yes as Ted suggested please increase the drought.


can you please share some more information like what is your 2ndary firing system or if you using any AFR at kiln inlet etc. in this case you have to further study the region for high CO at kiln inlet.

TED Any further comments most welcome




raju verma





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TimePosted 03/06/2013 07:36:06
Nael says

re kiln upset


One of the main reasons of high CO at kiln inlet (Low excess O2) is formation of heavy coating or ring inside the kiln and some time as a result boulder formation. If you have coating inside the kiln try t remove it by flame shape or kiln speed.