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TimePosted 29/05/2013 08:54:13
snn says

combustion performance problem

Dear Experts,

Our fine coal containes about %5-%7 raw material on main burner.Because of the dedusting problems in coal mill.Objective is decreasing the ratio to %2-%3. What would be the effects. What kind of changes could be seen in kiln&burner performance with that?

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Ted Krapkat
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TimePosted 30/05/2013 05:48:17

re combustion performance problem

Hello Sinan,

The main effect would be to slightly increase the calorific value of your fine coal.  A reduction of  6% to 3% meal dust in your fine coal would increase the calorific value of the fine coal by only 3%.

For example, if your raw coal had a calorific value of say 28MJ/kg then at 6% meal dust the fine coal would have an energy value of 0.94*28= 26.32 MJ/kg.  If the meal dust contamination was reduced to 3%, the energy value of the fine coal would be 0.97*28 = 27.16 MJ/kg.  This is only a 0,84MJ/kg improvement and it is probable that your raw coal would vary by more than this from day to day, even possible hour to hour  So, I would suggest that you would probably not see much of an improvement in the kiln.

Many plants are happy with 5% carry-over dust in their fine coal.  Up to a point, meal dust in the fine coal can increase the luminosity of the flame and therefore improve the amount of heat radiating onto the clinker bed, improving clinkerisation.