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TimePosted 29/08/2013 03:45:43

re Copper (Cu) impact on clinker or cement quality?

Hello Viswam,

It depends on the composition of the copper slag. Slags from different suppliers have different amounts of trace elements. Some elements of concern that are high in our particular copper slag are;-

Arsenic ~500ppm

 Lead ~1500ppm

 Antimony ~500ppm

Thallium ~5ppm

Cadmium ~50ppm

Zinc ~5000ppm


However if you limit the amount of copper slag to below say 5% addition rate, you should be okay. But you should still monitor your kiln dust (ie conditioning tower dust and bag filter dust) regularly, for excessive amounts of volatile metals such as lead, cadmium and thallium which may concentrate in the dust.





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