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TimePosted 16/10/2013 11:59:50
pk dhakad says

Problem of sway in belt bucket elevator

hello  to all experts

We have recently replaced the steel chord belt of our Kiln feed elevator, we are unable to cotrol the sway of belt at its bottom and elevator gets tripped due to belt sway switch setting of 50 mm.we have replaced the head drum lagging,tail drum (bar type) and checked the brgs. of head and tail drum.we have noticed some manufacturing defets in belt, that the sides of belt are not straight at some places and these are wavy,can this affect the running of belt , for your reference i am attaching photographs of belt.

pl. suggest how to control the sway. 


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TimePosted 04/11/2013 12:55:17
gks says

re Problem of sway in belt bucket elevator


    1.  Tripping of Kiln feed B/E by 50 mm belt out on same side from  top & bottom or only bottom side. -------If B/E current with belt  sway tripping provided than  belt can adjust to avoid tripping by belt sway fault in running condition. 

    2. what is shore hardness of your belt joint with respect to belt hardness.

   3. why belt mfg make uneven edge of belt.

     With regards