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TimePosted 17/11/2013 11:11:51
babli says

Increase in cement mill trunnion bearing temperature

What are the causes for an increase of Cement Mill trunnion Bearing temperature and what are the possible solutions


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TimePosted 05/12/2013 12:21:40
Techical says

re Increase in cement mill trunnion bearing temperature

Cement mill trunion bearing temperature may increaase due to following reasions:

  • 1. HP pump pressure is low.
  • 2. Cutoff time of HP pump after mill start up
  • 3. Mixing of contamination with oil
  • 4. LP pump oil flow is less
  • 5. Betwen the two slide shoe ther is a oil tray, we have to check wheather mill tyre is passing duly dipped tyre bottom are must be dipped in the oil.
  • 6. Proper functioning of heat exchanger