Tam Nguyen
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TimePosted 13/12/2013 02:27:44

Cooler ESP high dust emission

Dear All

We are facing a problem with our cooler ESP. Since waste heat recovery installed, the temperature of cooler waste gas is lower than before (now ~ 110oC at ESP inlet). If we stop the kiln by pass system, the emission is OK but when the by pass runs, the dust emission of cooler is very high and we cannot control anymore.

If you have experience with such problem of ESP, can you please share to us with our highly appreciated.



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TimePosted 15/12/2013 18:29:38
Ahmed says

re Cooler ESP high dust emission

Hello My friend,

1 ) What is the cooler vent temp. entering to heat exchanger ?

2) From where tapping is taken for AQC boiler ?

3) What is the capacity of cooler ID fan complete technical data and cooler fans operating flows ?

4) Similarly both PH ID fans and bypass fan technical data ?

5) Your clinker production rate ?

plz giv these details, I will balance the system .


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TimePosted 16/12/2013 12:30:39
Belite says

re Cooler ESP high dust emission

Try water injection to reduce the dust's resistivity. It should have a dramatic effect.


Tam Nguyen
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TimePosted 17/12/2013 02:23:56

re Cooler ESP high dust emission

Hello Ahmed

Some info as your comments:

1. Cooler vent temp enter the heat exchanger is around 320-330oC, outlet AQC ~ 110oC

2. Technical data of the fans as attached file

3. Kiln production: 4500tpd.

We already tried with water ejection, it's effected but the water could not evaporated enough, so it caused blockage clinker dust at chain conveyor below.

Any other solution, please advise us  with many thanks

Kind regards


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