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TimePosted 27/04/2014 12:43:08
maw says

kiln voulme loading

% loading = 1.5 Wt/LA

              =0.35 Wt/LA

              = 1.67 Wt/LA

which factor is correct , i found in one book of different editions diferent factors why it changed , from where this factor came ? any help !! ?


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TimePosted 29/04/2014 12:37:45
fjalali says

re kiln voulme loading

Do you mean the volume load (specific load) as tpd/m3 of kiln?

Is used to be 4 now its 5-6 tpd/m3 at see level. FLS has 5 for 3-base kilns and 5.3 for 2-base kilns.

Hope it helps.