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wear rollers

hi my friends

        After commissioning, we produced less than 80,000 tons raw materials for kiln's feed with MPS 4500, then we checked the wear of the rollers. Measuring rollers showed: there were more than 43 millimeters of wear in every 3 rollers specially in corrosion side of them. Thus we had to weld with hard face alloy. In that time, rate of wear was calculated about 28.2 grams per ton.

        After hard facing we produced less than 125,000 tons. We checked four times during 45 days (every 11 days) and the rate of wear became13.28 grams per ton. But we did not see any wearing on the mill body, classifier, ducts and even mill fan's impeller. We do not know what happened.

please help me about this subject

best regards


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