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TimePosted 10/06/2014 02:48:22
Raj says

Cement mill bag filters

After the cement mill bag filters are put to use for some time it becomes extremely difficult to take out the bags for inspection /replacement.They get stuck to the cages firmly and many times it becomes necessary to tear the bag to take it out.

I am looking for a possible solution for this problem.


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TimePosted 30/06/2014 12:33:09
fjalali says

re Cement mill bag filters

The problem is from reaction of cement dust with moisture in BH.

Here are some rules:

- Good insulation (100 mm, rain water tight)

- Avoid cold spots/bridges

- Minimum 20°C above water dew point
You should install heaters on the BH and heat it before use to eliminate moisture in BH.
Also the following are helpfull:
§First Filter Start-up:
Do Pre-coating with approx. 200 g/m2 inert material
(e.g. CaCO3, Ca(OH)2)

e.g. bag filter with 5’000 m2 bag surface à 1 ton raw meal being injected upstream of the bag filter into the gas duct by a rented silo truck equipped with an on-board compressor

§Short Stop (hours up to max. a few days):
deactivate cleaning cycle before stopping the filter
§Long Stop (several days to weeks):
clean down the filter as much as possible and do pre-coating before restarting the filter