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TimePosted 12/08/2014 14:35:11
shastrib says

Clinker grinding with limestone

Good Morning all,

My experience with grinding clinker with limestone to produce OPC resulted in the coating and blocking of the ball mill centre diaphragm. Can someone explain to me why?

  • Limestone addiditon: 5%
  • Limestone moisture: 1%
  • Cement outlet temperature: average 100 deg cel
  • open circuit mill was used producing 20 tph
  • no grinding aid used

Responses will help me greatly going forward.





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Raj Sahu
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TimePosted 16/08/2014 13:26:44
Raj Sahu says

re Clinker grinding with limestone

You should check set regulator Gypsum moisutre and its feeding rate,which can be the cause of coating inside the mill.


Ted Krapkat
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TimePosted 20/08/2014 05:50:22

re Clinker grinding with limestone

Hello Shastri,

100oC seems a bit low. Normally you should try to keep the mill outlet temperature at between 110 and 115oC. Have you tested the water content of the cement blocking the diaphragm? If you use water sprays they may not be atomising correctly, causing localised buildup of moist cement.

Also, have you considered a grinding aid? Grinding aid will reduce agglomeration of cement particles and facilitate easier flow of material through the diaphragm.