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TimePosted 19/09/2014 04:48:15

Vibration VRM

Hi my friends

We have cement mill mps4250  with capacity of 120 tons per hour with 0.6-0.7 vibration during operation, but we have a severe vibration in the upper part of the mill. Please help to resolve this problem.


best regard


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TimePosted 29/09/2014 14:29:54

re Vibration VRM

If you have vibration on the upper of the mill you have may be some problems as follows,

-  mechanical problem about the seperator (check the bearings and static and dynamic flaps of the sep.)

- If the mill has got a big dam ring, this reason causing the vibration on the upper of the mill. 

- If the wears of the roller or table near the the high limit causing the vibration. Especially buffer shaft or the plates wears causing the same problem. Because if you have high wears on buffer plates, materials balance of the mill  disruption will causing kind of problems