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TimePosted 12/10/2014 22:48:17
Nanocem says

Cement Mill Shell Modification(inlet section)

Dear Friends,

We are intending to replace  "parts of old FLS ball mill body" due to old cracks on inlet section and even part of shell welded repeatedly in recent years:

1.Inlet Trunnion Shaft (mat. GS 2O  Mn5)
2.Head of Cast Steel(mat. GS 20  Mn5)
3.Part of Mill Shell aprox. 2 meters (mat. P265 GH Boiler plated)

The main problem raised when the boltsof cement mill inlet trunnion were broken and some parts of body and inlet section cracked which has been started in 1997.Therefore our mechanical department has made some maintenance in 2009 on body and trunnion flange connections by modifying hole size. Also we welded cracked parts but again we have recently found that inlet trunnion blots were broken and mill head of cast steel cracked which is in connection with inlet trunnion shaft. These cracks followed to the part of mill shell!

Is anybody can advise on feasiblity of the risk-free modification of 1/3rd of mill sheel ?

Best Regards,



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