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TimePosted 17/10/2014 16:07:20
Nikhil says

Main Bag House (RABH) Inlet Temperature Problem.

Dear All,

In our Plant's RABH, the Inlet Gas Temp generally operates around 90 deg C. This is the temperature when the Raw Mill (VRM) is in running Condition. But when the Raw Mill is in stopped Condition, the same RABH Gas inlet Temp shoots upto 230 deg C. Here are some of my observations-

1) The RABH Fan KW goes down by whopping 500 KW when the Raw mill is stopped. Does this happens becoz of increased gas temperature which actually lowers the gas density ???

2) The Fresh Air Damper which is pressurizing (buffing) during RM ON condition does not pressurizes when RM is in stopped condition ???

Can anybody give me a logical explanation for these phenomenons ?

Also, can anybody suggest s way to increase the RABH inlet temperature coz a low temperature of gas is causing acid dew point being achieved and hence heavy corrosion of Bag house internals.

Thank You !


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TimePosted 17/10/2014 19:19:50
Ashok says

re Main Bag House (RABH) Inlet Temperature Problem.

There may be heavy leakages in your Raw mill circuit , which is decreasing your RABH inlet temperature and system is pressurising , check your Raw mill circuit for leakages , which is also dropping fan kw


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TimePosted 28/10/2014 13:23:49
gks says

re Main Bag House (RABH) Inlet Temperature Problem.


      Inlet gas temp is high and bag house  fan kw goes down due to gas flow through less       resistence path .

 But at time of VRM ON and pressured at fresh air damper indicate there is false air high or sealing problem .

Better check  both condition false air across bag house at inlet.

Regarding Acid dew point temp of gas for corrosion will not effect on VRM ON condition due to high dust load in gas at low temp  (90 .0 C ) that time acid dew point for gas will low  around ( 45.0 C ).

Attached your design data for sol. your problem.