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TimePosted 08/04/2015 14:13:00
shastrib says

Airslide design

Good Day,

I am having a problem with airslide and blower and need some assistance.

Is there any way to calculate blower air required to aerate an airslide. If the rate in the airslide increases, how will i know how to calculate the required air for the new rate. Also if the blaine of the material in the airslide changes, does the air requirements change also?




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TimePosted 04/07/2015 16:02:16
fjalali says

re Airslide design


The air required for airslide is 2 Nm3/min per meter is of airslide fabric used in the airslide. Also, you need 150% of that air volume to be dedusted from that airslide. Usually, the capacity to air volume is proporsional but the max capacity depents and airslide dimentions. It is not effected too much by blain.

So you have 10 m of airslide of 30 cm width:

10 x 0.3 = 3 m2 of airslide fabric so => 3 x 2 m3/min = 6 m3/min = 360 Nm3/hr so if you have ht matrial you need to calculate the actual air volume here too

dedusting = 54 m3/hr

30 cm airslide is good for around 100 t/hr