Chetan Vyas
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TimePosted 12/05/2015 08:20:51

Recycle of Cooling air

Dear Expert,

Please clarify that If we increase the temperature of Cooling air by reccling of Cooler exit gase, can we save any heat energy? Particularly when plant is not have the Waste Heat Recovery syatem? Eagerly awaiting the feed back from the expert team.


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Dhiman SK
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TimePosted 12/06/2015 09:50:14
Dhiman SK says

re Recycle of Cooling air

It is not possible to recycle the hot air to cooler completely without having a WHR system as the temperature of the hot air is too high to recycle it completely. however a partial recycling is possible by way of diluting the temperature of air with cold ambient air.


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TimePosted 19/06/2015 12:41:47
jayaram says

re Recycle of Cooling air

Dear Freinds,

It is possible to recycle the vent gas from the cooler dedusted diluted air or after WHR outlet. Definitely the cooler efficiency shall improve and you shall save some Kcal/ Kg Cl ( based on the pyro line). But your clinker temperature shall be relatively higher for the same amount of air as that of cold air input (kg air/ Kg Cl)

Major draw backs are

1) Wear and damage to cooler grate plates as the stack outlet( diluted gas) of cooler gas has minimum dust ( clinker fall through increases and mechanical stability of cooler decreases).

2) Hydraulic parts and moving elements grease and things shall have elevated temperature creating problems to the mechanical elements.

3) Specific power of cooler fans increase for the same specifi air input.

4) with eleavated clinker temperatures, you shall have problem in the cement mill grinding section too.

Overall this is not a good solution for optimal benefit.