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TimePosted 23/06/2015 13:37:48
Arielarg says

Longitudinal Sieving Analysis

We have a cement mill of 7.5m in length and 2.8m in diameter which is fed with clinker that was ground in a roll press.
The first chamber is 3.0m in length and has balls 40 to 80mm (30% of filling degree and the following charge: 20% of 80mm, 30% of 70mm, 20% of 60mm, 20% of 50mm and 10% of 40mm).
We made several longitudinal sieving analysis and have observed that the first chamber does not reduce the size in 2.38mm and other sizes (for example in 2.38mm the clinker milled in the roll press has retained 48%, the first sample in the longitudinal sieving has 44% -oversize-, the second 16%, third 20%, 20% the fourth, the fifth 38 %, the latter coincides with the first sample of the second chamber).

The lifter liner is in good condition.
What could be happening?
Is the ball size appropriate?

Thanks in advance!


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TimePosted 01/07/2015 10:33:19
fjalali says

re Longitudinal Sieving Analysis

Hi, Your numbers dont add up send me your full longitudinal sieving results and let me take a look at it.

For one thing in first chamber will lifting liners usually you should use 3 to 4 kind of balls only.