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TimePosted 06/08/2015 18:24:20
fad says

reaction kinetics of rotary kiln

My questions from all of you is that rotary kiln acts as a reactor as there is reactions involve to remove the the water of crystalization like in the following reaction in care of rotary kiln for the production of alumina. 

Al(OH)3.3H2O = Al2O3 +3H2O 

my question is why we dont consider it while designing the rotary kiln. reaction kinetics and all other stuff which we use to design a real reactor. regards 


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Ted Krapkat
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TimePosted 07/08/2015 04:54:41

re reaction kinetics of rotary kiln

Hello Fad,

I guess it's a matter of the realtive amounts of energy required. The energy required for the removal of inherent moisture from the raw materials (clays) is extremely small compared to that required for the reaction;- CaCO3 --> CaO + CO2.  That is why nearly 60% of the fuel energy of a cement kiln is consumed in the precalciner.