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TimePosted 31/03/2016 18:42:59
Engr says

Running Raw Mill without kiln gases.

Dear Xperts

Why raw mill is recomended to be stopped with kiln stoppage. If mill is kept run at low feed without kiln gases then what are the disadvantages other that high KWhr/T.


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TimePosted 05/04/2016 16:51:40
gks says

re Running Raw Mill without kiln gases.


  Run raw without kiln hot gas is based upon your kiln stoppage time . But normaly kiln with raw mill should stopped to keep kiln in isothermal condition for fast pickup at startting kiln and avoid fast cooling of preheater  may effect your refractory life due to thermal shock due to high heat loss (raw mill in operation with high negative draft  or mill operation with more fresh air may  effect on im in raw meal and operate mill  in unstable condition).

With regards