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TimePosted 12/04/2016 01:03:36
gks says

Kiln nose ring air flow design

Dear expert ,

  How to design nose ring fan  for kiln outlet tip casting cooling..

Some say air  volume required for cooling is based on kiln dia.

400 m3/ min for <4.0 m dia kiln

500m3/min for >4.0 m dia kiln.

Air velocity 40 - 45 m/s.

With regards



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TimePosted 12/04/2016 03:51:53
Yathish says

re Kiln nose ring air flow design


The cooling air required for the nose ring cooling ranges between 0.33 m3/s to 0.45 m3/s per meter of kiln shell circumference. The air pressure at the nozzole inlets shall be minimum 20 bar.

but you can notice that some kilns larger than 4.6 m dia are equipped with two cooling air fans just to make cooling more effective.

the values you have mentioned are at higher end and you will not find this much higher volume installed in any modern plants.