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TimePosted 26/04/2016 10:20:02
Wayne says

Raw Coal, Pulverized Coal and Preheater exhaust temperature

Dear Sirs:

In this month, our plant used the new shipment of raw coal as the fuel and we found that gas from first stage of preheater was always higher than the last shipment. We tried to adjust the residue of piverized coal and the ratio between rotary kiln's two sides but these all couldn't be solution to the problem.

Are there any reason to prove the coal may effect the temperature of leaving gas? Or other factor will probably cause the gas high temperature?

Please give us some suggestion or sharing the experience.

Many thanks!


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TimePosted 28/04/2016 16:55:00
gks says

re Raw Coal, Pulverized Coal and Preheater exhaust temperature

Dear sir,

      As you have change coal quality , let suppose  % Ash increase than Ph exith temp of gas increase temp. increased.

With regards



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TimePosted 09/05/2016 13:42:52
Yatish says

re Raw Coal, Pulverized Coal and Preheater exhaust temperature

Dear mr. Wayne,

Please share the details of the coal which you were using earlier and now. is there any compositional change i mean carbon % and sulphur %?

if the answer is yes to the above question then the amount of the gases evolved per kg of the fuel burnt varies with the amount of the carbon present in your coal. please check for the change in composition and you can do the stochiometric combustion calculations to arrive at the exact amount of gas liberated.

in other case if there are any combustable matter (organic carbon) may present in your raw mix which may be causing high temperature at the preheater outlet so please look into both aspects and please do share the composition of the coals used.

and also please check the amount of coal fired previously and now and also look for any clinker  production variations i mean TPD.