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TimePosted 14/04/2018 17:06:15
gks says

Two fan or single fan system

Dear expert,

    My kiln section sp.power consumption high due to preheater have two fan system as ks &ps fan for 2900 tpd separate line calciner kiln.

Sp.power for KS Fan --4.0 kwh/tcl  &PS fan 8.0 Kwh /tcl

Both string KS vs PS string area of cyclone  40.0% vs 60% ratio

Flow ratio=(0.45 & .85 ) nm3/kg cl.

Pressure loss ratio = 40/60 ratio

feed is also 40/60.

Pressure profile ratio   = 650 mmwg /900 mmwg ( fan inlet pressure)

Can we change two fan system to single fan system to saved power 4.0 kwh/t cl with double top cyclone to single top cyclone for both PS /KS for better layout for single duct.




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