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TimePosted 31/07/2018 07:49:44

Rotary kiln supporting roller adjustment

In my kiln we take axial load. The readings are first supporting roller right hand side reading 40-60 bar. in left hand side 400 bar. how to we balace it


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TimePosted 18/02/2019 19:11:07
SASH says

re Rotary kiln supporting roller adjustment

Before doing any adjustment, need to check following:

1. Axial thrust on all supports, specially middle one

2. First support mentioned is towards preheater side or outlet side?

3. Check the previous readings if doing regularly to assess the impact of uneven coating inside kiln

4. Check for temp at particular support

5. If everytjing is normal, then first do the lead wire test to ensure that we have this phenomena due to mechanical issues

6. Then start skewing of yhat particular roller but you havevto do jt in multiple adjustments.

Initiaaly adjust little bit and see impact on other roller and atvither supports.


Thanks and regards Sanjay