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TimePosted 04/10/2018 15:47:11
SSG says


Dear Friends

I hv two questions

1. I hv come across a paper saying that higher Al2O3 (more than 6) in clinker can make the clinker easier to grind. This will increase the liquid content also. What will happen with the clinker grindability with the increase in liquid and what will be the coalting behaviour in the kiln.

2. We have an alkali by pass system in the kiln which is connected to a gas conditioning tower and to an ESP. The problem is that the ESP efficiency has gone bad for last couple of months.

There is a chnage in behaviour of the ESP. It is giving higher emission at times.

We have installed a WHRS in this circuit and when the gases are through the WHRS, the GCT is bypassed and the ESP performance deteriorates drastically.

There is a change in the dust composition and also the water spray in GCT stopped with boiler in operation.

What are the possible causes and remedy for the same.



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