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TimePosted 10/10/2018 13:40:59
Raju says

sulphure ring in kiln 14 to 22 meter

Dear Ted

Please find enclosed sulphure balance for our pyro section which is clearly shown 22% sulphure not balalnce in system and recirculate.

we are continue facing coaing and ring formation in kiln between 14 to 22meter and every 7 to 8 days we have to stop the kiln and clean the coating manually.

please suggest what are the measures we have to take to control the coating formation, We have KHD pulsjet burner but by adjusting swirl and axial still there is no impact on reduction in coating formation.


please suggest any specific burner setting required.

please ask in case any specific data required foranalysis

please find the sulphure balalnce:-

Date 9.10.18      
  Parameter UoM    
  Clinker Production TPH 92.90 2230
Input Coal   sulphure % 4  
  Coal consumption % Cli. 15  
  Sulphure from Coal tons/Hrs 0.56  
  So3 In Raw Meal % 1.30  
  Raw Meal requ. tons/Hrs 137  
  So3 from raw meal tons/Hrs 1.8  
  Sulphure from raw meal tons/Hrs 0.71  
  Total Input sulphure tons/Hrs 1.27  
Output So3 in clinker % 2.6  
  So3 from clinker Tons/hr 2.4  
  Sulphure from clinker Tons/hr 0.97  
  So2 in PH OL gas mg/NM3 650  
  RABH OL gas volume Nm3/Kg of clinker 2.35  
  RABH OL gas volume Nm3/Hr 218315  
  So2 in RABH OL gas Mg/Hr 141904750  
  So2 in RABH OL gas Tons/hr 0.14  
  Sulphure from PH OL gas Tons/hr 0.071  
  Total Tons/hr 1.04  
Diff Input-Output Tons/hr 0.24  
  balance Sulphur in circuit   18.49  


with regards


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technical cement forms
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TimePosted 15/10/2018 17:30:03

re sulphure ring in kiln 14 to 22 meter

interested to read your query.. for  my knoledge can you explain and how to derive sulpur from raw meal , so3 in rawmeal and from raw meal.% so3 in kiln feed.


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TimePosted 27/10/2018 18:18:57
anm says

re sulphure ring in kiln 14 to 22 meter

There is one simple way, you control volatile factor below 2 , ie. VF=clinker SO3/ previous hour KF DC sample SO3.


technical cement forms
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TimePosted 30/10/2018 15:06:46

re sulphure ring in kiln 14 to 22 meter

  Dear Mr Anm,

                   Can you pl clarify whats KF DC sample SO3. (is it hot raw meal so3 or degree of calcination/??)