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TimePosted 08/04/2019 20:07:22
M!K3 says

Whatsapp Maintenance Staff Group

Hi every one!

I have been reading this forum, and there are some technical topics and knowleadge we can share.

So, i wanna create this Staff Group

Example: Procedure for kiln change, cracks, weldings, vertical mills maintenance, etc....

If you wanna join .....





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TimePosted 18/04/2019 06:36:44
Ramesh says

re Whatsapp Maintenance Staff Group

Dear sir can you help add me......7085119981


Abhishek singh parihar
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TimePosted 12/05/2019 06:34:35

re Whatsapp Maintenance Staff Group

Dear sir, please add this number on your whatsapp group - +91 7869126049

Abhishek singh


Ramesh Aital
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TimePosted 28/12/2019 04:14:46

re Whatsapp Maintenance Staff Group

Dear Sir,

Please add my No.94808 38164 to whatsup maintenance group