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TimePosted 24/04/2019 07:19:31
Bobby says

Preheater fan impeller Coating

Good Afternoon,

We had some issue on our prehater fan impeller. As I read on this forum, there were several suggestions to mitigate the coating on the impeller such as:

1. Installation of water spray at teh downcomer duct of the preheater - at what point or distance from the preheater fan we installed this water spray. Can you provide us an idea how do we design the water spray at the downcomer duct. Is this a continuous spraying or this spraying will activate once the gas temperature goes beyond 250c.

2. Another approach is to use either fine sand or clinker of approximately with a mximum size of 4mm. How do we introduce to the downcomer duct of preheater & at what distance. Can you help us provide a design. What is the best dosage and is this a continuous disage to the system.

Thanks  in advance in providing us an answer.



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