Ramesh Aital
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TimePosted 10/09/2019 08:05:07

High CO up to 2% at kiln inlet

Since few days we started getting CO up to 2% at kiln inlet. We are using 100% south african coal with GCV 5600 and VM around 22 to 23%. We have conventional single channel burner with primary air fan volume 5000 m3/hr and burner tip velocity mentained 80 m/s.

We tried to reduce the burner tip velocity from 80 to 60m/s and also tried with different coal fineness and checked still CO not came down. Due to CO we are finding yellow core in clinker. We tried to reduce main and PC firning coal we found there is reduction in temp and feed rate. This might be the reason of coal is not combusted properly in burning zone. Please suggest what could be the possible reasons of getting CO at kiln inlet and how to overcome the problem.


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