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TimePosted 04/06/2021 17:14:39
R&D says

Free Silica


please give the clarification of XRD Quantitative Quartz & Free Silica in Limestone by ASTM Method both are same or different.


pls clarify my doubts





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Dilip Yadav
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TimePosted 04/08/2021 07:20:12

re Free Silica

Free Silica and Quartz both are different

Free Silica is mainly SiO2 and it has a mixture of Amorphouse and Crystaline Silica, whereas Quartz has impurity of Iron / Manganese / Calcium with crystaline form of silica.

Free Silica can be determined by conventional methods but Quartz can be determined by microscopy or XRD only.


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TimePosted 07/07/2023 23:34:20

re Free Silica

من میم به شما کمک کنم کوارتز و چرت همان سیلیس آزاد هستند که به طور عامیانه به آنها سیلیس آزاد گفته می شود من در بررسی این مورد هستم اگر می توانید با من در ارتباط باشید.

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