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coal ash effect on kiln operation.

we are using gas as the main fuel and since they could not supply all the gas for our requirement we are compensating it by using medium grade coal with net cv 5000 kcal and ash content of 35 % and we are using approximately 5 % coal in the precalciner..Kiln side we are using 100 % gas and Precalciner ( PC ) side we are using gas and coal. Whenever there is shortage of gas we are increasing the coal from 5% to 8% approximately. What we are noticing after the increse is Kiln operation disturbs with frequent coating dischage. The cooler gets disturbed and we have to reduce the feed to comeback. The discharged coating looks very hot and molten. Why is it so. Is it because of incresing the coal consumption rate  or some other rreeason. There is also the tendency of Bottom stage cyclone jamming. Can somebody give a suggestion


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TimePosted 19/08/2022 15:05:27
gks says

re coal ash effect on kiln operation.

Dear all,

How to control fuel ratio in PC ( 5.0 % coal & 95.0 % gas than 8.0 % & 92 %). 

1. PC temp control  loop to  be optimized with ratio control before change mix ratio) 

( Having any expert system or PID loop in operation) 

Note -- 1.0 % ash in fuel change exite gas temp 1.7 0C & Sp. heat consumption 0.8 Kcal / Kg Cl.

Upto certain limit  coal ash fused  with degree of calcination process .

But after certain limit exit unfused ash drop out & fused with botton cyclone  cone & feed pipe. 

Due to all of sudden change in fuel some uncalcined material drop down & flushed into cooler with hot molten  red & yellow  mix material.

Keep margin in  kiln & cooler  operation  before change in fuel. Avoid material flushing out in cooler& kiln hood draft become positive.


GK Sharma

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technical cement forms
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TimePosted 05/09/2022 14:45:10

re coal ash effect on kiln operation.

Thanks a lot Mr gks for the information.