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TimePosted 10/10/2022 17:38:27

45.0 mtr to 55.0 mtr area coating in Kiln.

Hello Sir,

Can anybody explain this..??  Ours is 78.0 mtr length and 5.2 dia Kiln..  In raw material is having high Alkaline with less sulphur material.We are using Gas in the main burner 100 % and Gas 80% and high ash coal 20% combined in the  PC side. We are facing the problem of coating formation from 45.0 mtr to 55.0 mtr Kiln length. Though this is not affecting our Kiln operation the Girth gear pinion vibration has gone high to upper limit. Whether this coating is the cause of this high vibration is still a debatable topic. .My question is is this coating is due to high ash%  in coal ( 28-30% ash in medium grade  coal) We tried to break the coating but still not successful. Can anybody explain??


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