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TimePosted 02/04/2024 10:28:25

Elevate Your Cement Plant Efficiency with CBMI's Innovative Spare Parts Solutions

Dear Forum Members,
I am Thomas, representing Sinoma CBMI France, a leading provider of revolutionary cement engineering and spare parts solutions across Europe.
In today's fiercely competitive market, achieving optimal efficiency and reliability in cement plant operations is crucial. This is where CBMI excels, offering unmatched expertise and tailored services to meet your specific requirements.
Our proven track record speaks volumes. With successful completion of two EPC projects in France, including clinker and clay initiatives, alongside ongoing projects like K6 and Go4Zero, we are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of cement engineering.
Attached, you'll find detailed information on our extensive range of spare parts, encompassing deep tubes, kiln shells, tyres, rollers, mill shells, mill balls, and more. What distinguishes us is not only the quality of our products but also our dedication to competitive pricing and personalized services, ensuring maximum value for your investment.
Recognizing that each plant is unique, we welcome the opportunity to visit your facility and discuss how CBMI can support your objectives. Your convenience is our priority, so please inform us of a suitable time for our discussion.
Stay ahead of the competition with CBMI as your trusted partner in cement engineering. I eagerly await your response and the opportunity to assist you in elevating your plant to new heights.
Warm regards,

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me immediately via the following channels:
WhatsApp: +33 6 74 99 38 83


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