Calera raises US$10.6m in venture capital

Calera raises US$10.6m in venture capital
15 December 2011

Calera, a developer of technology that converts carbon dioxide (CO2) into green building materials, has raised US$10.6m in a round of venture capital, according to a new filing by the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Founded in 2007, Calera has developed technology that captures CO2 emissions from coal- or gas-fueled power facilities, cement plants and refineries, and converts it into solid carbonates that can be used as building materials in the form of aggregates or other cement-type materials.

Every ton of Calera building material is expected to store as much as a half-ton of CO2, according to the company. Calera’s process also removes minerals and other constituents from water, producing fresh water in the process.

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