USA: Titan awaits verdict

USA: Titan awaits verdict
25 November 2011

During the recent NC Division of Air Quality hearings several questions were raised that the local press say deserve consideration before an air permit is granted to the proposed Titan cement plant near Wilmington.

To build the plant in North Carolina the owners originally stated they needed US$4.5m in incentive money from the state, but now the company is returning the money and it is understood that it will not have to go through the complete review process.

Local residents are also questioning why they should except the plant’s emissions when the cement produced at the factory will be shipped to other states and other countries. The plant is estimated to use 262,000tpa of coal, which is the same as a medium-sized power plant.

The Eastern North Carolina, the Division of Air Quality is accessing Titan’s application for a  permit to produce cement in North Carolina.
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