Phoenix Cement awarded Energy Star, USA

Phoenix Cement awarded Energy Star, USA
06 October 2011

For the fifth consecutive year, Phoenix Cement has received the US Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star label.

Based in Arizona and part of the Salt River Materials Group, the cement company achieved its first label in 2007 with a score of 97 and since then has earned a perfect score of 100 each year.

To qualify for the ENERGY STAR label, a plant must score at least 75 and have a three-year history of environmental compliance. The EPA made the standards for the label tougher in 2011. The scoring is based on an energy performance indicator, which measures energy efficiency in cement plants.

"We continue to make improvements which allow us to reduce our energy usage while maintaining excellent production and quality," said Lew Dodendorf, energy manager for the company.

Roger Smith, president and CEO of Phoenix Cement Company, said the company is appreciative of the award from the EPA.

"We are pleased and honoured for the recognition from the agency for the fifth year," Smith said.
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