Cockburn Cement charged with causing pollution, Australia

Cockburn Cement charged with causing pollution, Australia
23 September 2011

Cockburn Cement has been charged with causing pollution by allegedly failing to contain lime kiln dust emissions.

The Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) charged Cockburn Cement on Friday with causing pollution in the neighbourhood and contravening conditions of its environmental licence.
On April 28, 2010, Cockburn Cement allegedly caused emissions of lime kiln dust which escaped their facility in Perth’s southern suburbs and affected the environment and nearby residents.

The company also allegedly failed to adhere to its environmental licence by not disposing of its lime kiln dust in a wet state.

Cockburn Cement faces a fine of up to A$500,000 (US$486650) for the pollution charge while it could be slapped with a $125,000 fine for contravening its environmental licence.

Cockburn Cement is WA’s largest lime and cement producer.

In May the WA government ordered Cockburn Cement to install a new pollution filter on one of its kilns, however, the company had the decision overturned on appeal to the Supreme Court.
The company will appear in Fremantle Magistrates Court on October 21.
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