PPC launches new cement

PPC launches new cement
21 September 2011

Pretoria Portland Cement (PPC) has launched a new cement mix in Botswana. According Richard Tomes, Customer Executive in the research and development arm of PPC, the new revamped products are set to give customers “at least 15 % more value.” He was speaking at the launch at Boipuso Hall last week, to an audience which comprised mostly of PPC customers.

Tomes revealed that they have gone around South Africa launching these new products and they received positive feedback from their already existing clientele. “We have done 18 launches throughout South Africa and have reached more than 2000 people,” he said, adding that they are awaiting the Botswana market’s response. Tomes said PPC’s claimed more than 15% additional value proportion will see “builders use less cement which will cost them less.”

Explaining how these new products would directly benefit builders, Tomes said, “A project using 100 bags of normal general purpose cement to cast floor slabs in a house would typically yield 70m2, with PPC Cement’s new 42.5 N Surebuild, the same project with the same number of bags will allow the builder to produce at least 10.5 m2 more.” On the way the market has progressed, which has recently been hit with shortages of cement, Tomes stated that demand in Southern Africa has sky rocketed since the build up to the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa and demand has remained high.  “The demand has been high in Southern Africa, going up to 17 million tonnes (of cement) after the World cup.”

PPC’s changes goes to all their product range, OPC (CEM I) product will change to 52,5N classification previously 42.5 N, Surebuild has been upgraded to 42,5N from 32,5R. PPC is set to launch the new Botcem 32.5R. Botcem is a general purpose cement with enhanced hardening qualities and is branded in Botswana colours. PPC Botswana General Manager Werner De Beer noted that the launch is “in line with the country’s vision of building a better Botswana. We are enhancing value to infrastructural development by launching these exciting products. This will see a reduction cost of cement per cubic metre, guarantee better quality control and higher compressive strength for builders,” he said this new revamp will increase production yield and reduce breakages. 
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