’No concern’ over food near Hanson Cement, Padeswood, UK

’No concern’ over food near Hanson Cement, Padeswood, UK
13 September 2011

Health experts say samples taken near Hanson Cement in Padeswood factory in Flintshire, Wales show no cause for concern associated with dioxins in locally-produced food.

As part of the assessment near the cement works, milk, soil and vegetation samples were analysed from between 2004 and 2009.

The report is the latest in a series on the effects of the cement works on local public health.

In May a report found no evidence of consistent cancer clusters in the area.

That study was launched after some residents claimed there was an increase in some cancers in the area.

At the time Hanson said the results provided reassurance for neighbours and staff.

This time the investigation centres on food produced locally near the plant in Flintshire.
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