Schenck Process opens new test centre, USA

Schenck Process opens new test centre, USA
05 September 2011

Schenck Process has opened its renovated test center located in Whitewater, Wisconsin. The newly remodeled facility is equipped with all the necessary features for testing customers’ dry bulk solid  aterials in volumetric, gravimetric, and vibratory feeding configurations. Additionally, bulk bag discharging and pneumatic conveying systems can be tested as well.  

New additions to the test center as a result of the renovations include an isolated testing cell for dusty and poor flowing powders, customer offices with Internet accessibility, and a specially designed room for viewing material tests.

The new isolated testing cell features wash down walls and a drainage system making it easy to quickly clean the area when multiple materials need to be tested in a short period of time. 

Offices equipped with both wireless and Internet access keep customers connected to their home offices while away. 

A new viewing room allows customers to witness live tests through a window and the use of a monitor provides test results and trending in real time. 

For customers who prefer to work hands on with their materials the assistance of experienced lab technicians are available for their testing needs.   
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