Vietnam producers seek new export markets

Vietnam producers seek new export markets
04 August 2011

Vietnam cement companies are seeking new outlets such as Bangladesh, Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore and Myanmar.

The Viet Nam Cement Industry Corp (Vicem), the country’s leading cement producer, last month made a trip to Myanmar to explore the market there.

Myanmar had a huge demand for cement as its factories had failed to meet domestic consumption. For years, Myanmar had imported cement from Thailand, Malaysia and China, the company said in its report.

Export prices of cement to Myanmar were also quite attractive compared to those of other markets such as Bangladesh, Laos and Cambodia, it said.

During the first six months of this year, with increasing efforts to find new outlets, the company exported 610,000t of cement to Singapore, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Hong Kong and Laos.

Vicem general director Nguyen Ngoc Anh said the company had missed its target of exporting 1Mt of cement last year, but with encouraging first half export results, it hoped to export from 1.1 to 1.2Mt by the end of this year.

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