Holcim’s investments in Serbia

Holcim’s investments in Serbia
19 July 2011

Since the launch of operations in Serbia in 2002, Holcim Serbia has invested more than EUR100 million. In addition to investments in the production and technology, significant funds have been invested in the living environment and the local community.

So far, more than EUR10m  has been allocated for various projects focused on environmental protection and preservation. One of major assets of Holcim are employees, and around EUR400,000 is invested annually in their education and professional development.

- Corporate social responsibility is part of Holcim’s strategy in all countries where it operates, and the same determination leads us in business operations in Serbia, where we invested EUR180,000 in CSR projects in 2010 only – said Gustavo Navarro, General Manager of Holcim Serbia.

The occupational health and safety policy in Holcim Serbia focuses on employees and aims to raise their awareness on the responsibility of each individual for their own life and life of their colleagues.

- A result of high level of occupational safety is confirmed by an evaluation of an expert commission, who has granted the maximum five stars to Holcim Serbia. Our employees are fully protected because we have the OHSAS 18001 certificate, which we implemented successfully – explained Aleksandar Obrenov, Occupational Safety and Health Director in Holcim Serbia.

The number of injuries in Holcim was reduced from 99 in 1999 to only two in 2010, confirming that a systemic approach and implementation of defined standards and principles at all levels can provide outstanding results. Today we have a result of 500 days with no injuries at work.
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