Holcim cements sustainable building, China

Holcim cements sustainable building, China
13 July 2011

One of Holcim’s key priorities in China has been to help its domestic interest, Huaxin Cement, continue to improve its sustainable development.

Huaxin’s cement has been used for many national key projects including the first large dam of China Danjiangkou - world-famous Three Gorges Dam, and Beijing’s top 10 buildings.

Seizing the development opportunities brought by structural adjustment of the cement industry, Huaxin follows a sustainable development strategy of low energy consumption, low emissions, high technology and high efficiency.

Most importantly, with active support from Holcim, Huaxin has become a leader of the building materials industry in resource conservation and environmental services.

In the future it will not be enough that the cement industry produces a useful product - the society expects more.

For example, waste management through "co-processing" waste in cement kilns as an alternative fuel provides the industry with a way of helping mega-cities solve a pressing need.

Since entering the Chinese market, Holcim has contributed to the sustainable development of Chinese cement industry in many aspects such as sharing experience from around the world to help China develop regulations for co-processing in cement kilns.
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