Mondi and Siam City up for more innovative products

Mondi and Siam City up for more innovative products
12 July 2011

In August 2010 Mondi and Siam City Cement (SCCC) successfully implemented a high porous bag construction for 50kg cement packaging in Thailand. This 2-ply 80gsm construction for 50 kg cement bags is the benchmark throughout SE Asia.

With SCCC’s and Mondi’s shared passion for innovation, combined with SCCC’s focus on optimisation of operations and overall efforts to boost profits, another development has been successfully implemented as of June 2011: 2-ply 70gsm ‘Advantage Select’ sack kraft paper for all 40kg cement bags.

Mondi and SCCC have introduced a bag made from high-porosity sack kraft paper which meets the requirements for quick, dustless filling and tough handling.

‘The new two-ply 70gsm construction is considered to be the most cost-effective and best performing 40 kg cement bag solution in SE Asia and provides SCCC with a range of benefits throughout the supply chain’, explains Gerry Gosen, Managing Director Mondi Packaging Paper Sales Asia.

SCCC, 35 per cent owned by Holcim, has a capacity to pack 15,000tpd of bagged cement. Mondi, the primary supply partner for sack kraft paper to Holcim globally, initiated the cement bag optimisation project with SCCC in 2010. Mondi’s Advantage Select grade has been used to successfully implement new 2-ply constructions throughout the Holcim group.

Two-ply high porous bags manufactured out of Advantage Select deliver cost savings to both bag convertor and cement producer. These lighter and stronger bags deliver 10-25% cost savings. Advantage Select sack kraft paper has been adopted by the majority of converters and cement producers in SE Asia.
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