Angola ban on Namibia cement set to ease

Angola ban on Namibia cement set to ease
11 July 2011

The ban on Namibian cement into Angola could be lifted by year-end, reports New Era, quoting the Angolan Minister of Commerce Dr Maria Idalina de Oliveira Valente. 

But Angola is only going to ease import restriction for normal or all-purpose cement.

The moratorium on importing other types of cement would remain in place until the two countries sort out issues of rules of origin, and the joint commission on trade becomes more active in facilitating the flow of communication between the two governments. 

Angola slapped a moratorium on imports of a host of products, from cement products, fresh produce including fish and the importation of second hand vehicles.  The moratorium went into effect beginning June. 

New Era understands that following the expose on the cement ban, a fortnight ago, the Angolan authorities provided Namibian trading authorities with an exhaustive list of items affected by the moratorium, a list believed to be in excess of 50 items. 

De Oliveira Valente and the Cunene regional director for customs Eduardo Lutemod say the moratorium on cement “is specifically on the type of cement being imported and the definition of who qualifies to be an importer of cement [into Angola]”. 

However, following intense discussions between Namibia’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr Hage Geingob and various Angolan ministers, specifically Dr Valente, Angola agreed to ease import restrictions on Namibian goods as soon as possible.

“I am sure we will find a solution to the issue of cement by year end. But this is going to be for normal cement [all purpose cement] but for other types of cement, no,” said Dr Valente.
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