Tanzania: Wazo Hill land row

Tanzania: Wazo Hill land row
04 July 2011

Some 950 residents of Chasimba village, who have been in a protracted land row with Tanzania Portland Cement Company (TPCC) at Wazo Hill in Dar es Salaam, will be relocated to Mabwepande, Bunju area in Kinondoni District to pave the way for expansion of the cement factory.

The villagers and the cement factory have for several years been locked in an unending confrontation over land, particularly after Kinondoni municipal authorities failed to enforce the court order to relocate the former.

However, the saga took a new twist early last month when the villagers claimed that it was not the firm, but Kinondoni Municipal Council officials who wanted their land. It was then that the cement factory came out threatening to close down operations if the government would not take steps to remove the villagers from the land.
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