Cemex celebrates 100th anniversary of Castillejo plant, Spain

Cemex celebrates 100th anniversary of Castillejo plant, Spain
29 June 2011

Over 700 people attended an event organised by Cemex to celebrate the centennial of its Castillejo cement plant in Toledo, Spain. Employees, retirees, children, grandparents, Cemex management, local government representatives, and current and former members of the local community around the plant were all on hand to celebrate this very special occasion.

“I want to say that our number one priority as a company is our employees. Without them we would not be here celebrating this occasion. Nothing is more important for Cemex than keeping them safe as they perform their jobs,” said Jaime Ruiz de Haro, President of Cemex in Spain, during the ceremony.

Another important factor for the plant’s longevity is the fact that it has been constantly improving and renewing itself. Over the years, the Castillejo plant has kept step with Cemex’s operations around the world in order to have the most modern production techniques, reduce its impact on the environment, improve energy efficiency, and incorporate best practices in recycling and alternative fuels. To coincide with this anniversary, Cemex recently invested over EUR360,000 to purchase a new burner for kiln 5.

“The plant we see today looks nothing like the one inaugurated on February 9, 1911, although history tells us that even back then it was a top-level facility. During these 100 years the technological advances of these installations have been impressive, especially during the past two decades,” said Ruiz de Haro.

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