German housing sector gains ground in 2010

German housing sector gains ground in 2010
27 June 2011

New orders and completions in the German housing sector in 2010 show that, after years of decline, the segment has apparently turned a corner. However, non-residential  construction and also investments in industry, commerce and service, as well as public contractors have not returned to pre-crisis levels but once again witnessed slight losses.

Current indicators show that an upward trend is underway in 2011, according to key findings and current estimates of the Federal Association of German Cement Industry (BDZ).

Last year, total German cement consumption reached 24.6Mt of which, housing accounted or 25.1% (6.2Mt) following a low of 22.5% in 2009. This is almost back to the 2007 level of 25.4%.

Non-residential represented 37.1% (9.1Mt) and civil engineering accounted for 37.1% at 9.3Mt of sales. Overall, the ratio of building construction to civil engineering of 62.2% to 37.8% has shifted marginally in favour of the former. The increased importance of the housing sector is responsible for this trend.
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