Italian production levels fall 30% from 2006 highs

Italian production levels fall 30% from 2006 highs
24 June 2011

The Italian cement industry is still being affected by a stagnation of the construction sector, said Alvise Zillo Monte Xillo, president of the Italian cement association, AITEC at a recent meeting.
"In 2010 cement production in Italy passed 34M"  This is a drop of 30 per cent from the historical peak of almost 48Mt in 2006. 

Cement consumption is showing similar declines Mr Xillo noted, and the industry is being further impacted by over capacity in production. Last year demand was around 34Mt, down 5.4% YoY.

Having been in decline since 2007, Italian cement demand is anticipated to remain in a negative trend at least as far as 2012. However, in 2012 some recovery should begin to be seen, but to what extent will flow through to cement deliveries by 2013 remains to be seen, according to recent forecasts made in the Global Cement Report Ninth Edition.
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