CeMAP calls for adoption of global standard testing

CeMAP calls for adoption of global standard testing
20 May 2011

The Philippine Cement Manufacturers Association (CeMAP) has called for the adoption of global standards in testing of cement to ensure high quality products are being sold in the domestic market.

Cement Manufacturers Association of the Philippines (CeMAP) President Dr. Ernesto M. Ordonez pointed out that “there is a need for continuing proficiency testing for cement testing laboratories to guarantee that the quality of cement is tested correctly so that no substandard cement enters the Philippine market especially from undervalued imports.”

Experts from the government sector and the academe shared Ordonez’s observation, saying that claimed adherence to instructions in cement testing procedure manuals is not enough to ensure that testing of cement in the market can be certified to comply with global standards.

Dr. Nathaniel Diola of the University of the Philippines, in a recently held multi-sector seminar-workshop sponsored by the CeMAP, emphasized the need for a proficiency-testing of cement to ensure that testing of cement laboratories is correct.

“We recognize ASTM procedures in testing of cement. Proficiency testing of cement laboratories certifies the accuracy in observing the prescribed ASTM procedures. There may be procedures that are not replicable in the Philippines.
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